ASIMER is devoted to machining, subcontracting, and welding provisions for parts manufacturing according to specification or drawing.
The main market it works for are companies devoted to the industrial valve business, industrial pumps for purifying plants, petrochemicals, paper mills, and generally any sort of liquid channelling. Given that valves are our main focus, we work amongst diverse sectors such as production goods, mining, railways, energy, etc.

The high level of commitment the company has achieved with its customers has resulted in ASIMER’s decision to continue investing in the latest technology (machines Trevisan) in order to provide innovative machining systems and the best quality-delivery-price ratio in an increasingly demanding and competitive field.


ASIMER is a company that started in 1993 as an auxiliary machining workshop by its founder, D. Angel de la Parte. In the company’s early years, it was mainly devoted to the valve industry, gaining the trust of clients in the local area and always offering the best service and quality.

ASIMER is a machining, subcontracting, and welding company devoted to part machining to specification or drawing and different materials. High tech, along with ongoing innovation of the manufacturing processes allows us to carry out highly accurate and complex batch jobs such as large series at the national and international level.


ASIMER first location was in Bedia (Vizcaya). Leading a continually growing expansion that is taking on new markets, the company has seen the need to build new facilities. In 2002, the company moved to its present location in Zaratamo (Vizcaya) where the company’s different departments occupy 2,700 square metres. Continuing with its trend toward expansion, in 2006 a new 1,450 square metre plant located in Amurrio (Alava) was acquired, 30 minutes away from the main headquarters. .


Our commitment is to improve the quality and service we offer to our customers. In order to achieve this goal, we rely on three fundamental pillars: high tech, optimization in our manufacturing processes and most importantly, our personnel. We have a workforce of more than 50 highly qualified professionals with more than 20 years experience in the sector. Our team of highly specialized and dedicated industrial engineers, technical engineers, and draftsmen with Bachelor’s and Associates degrees in Machining Production and related fields gives ASIMER the privilege of being able to offer its customers the highest quality product in a timely and accurate fashion.